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The quest to understand our children and help them thrive

I created Student Patterns because I wish something like it had been around when I was a teenager. I saw a quote recently that caught my attention, “Be the person you needed when you were younger.” That’s exactly why I created Student Patterns. It would be great if every student had someone in their lives who knew their natural gifts and understood how those gifts could best be developed through traditional education or a less conventional route.

The need for good counsel
Most young people don’t have someone who understands their natural gifts this thoroughly. Parents and friends may give well-meaning advice here and there, but knowing the “shape” of a person’s potential and giving insightful advice about how to direct it is a unique skill set. It’s a skill set I’ve worked hard to develop over the last few years for a variety of reasons.

The primary reason is that my wife and I have seven children (that’s my wife and our youngest in the picture above). Not one of them processes life in the same way either my wife or I do. Each of them has a different personality. Since I’m the kind of person who likes (needs?) to understand things, I set out to discover what makes each of our kids “tick.” I wanted to know how I should interact with them for their best development.

The complex world of human personality theory
That quest took me into the field of human personality theory. People throw around the term “personality” all the time, but do they really know what it means? Theories abound: Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, The Big 5, etc. My study of all of these has led me to the conclusion that “personality” is best described as the complex pattern of how a person processes their experience in the world. It affects how they relate to others, how their mind handles incoming information, how they like to learn, what jobs they will tend to excel in, and what areas will cause them to struggle.

There are recognizable patterns in the 7 billion unique people on our planet. There appears to be a finite number of basic personality patterns (16 to be exact) and an infinite number of ways people have chosen to use them. For those familiar with personality theory, I find the insights of Carl Jung, Katharine Briggs, Isabel Myers, and those who have built on their insights to be the most accurate and helpful as a starting point. (Though I don’t administer the Myers-Briggs test on my site, I am a certified Myers-Briggs Certified Practitioner.)

The advantage of knowing our own pattern
Each of the core patterns has particular strengths and weaknesses that make us naturally well-suited or ill-suited for certain careers or fields of study. I’ve spent an enormous amount of time reading, studying, and thinking on these things because I want to encourage my children in the right direction for expressing their unique gifts. After coming to the conclusions I have, I thought it would be helpful to build a tool to share the benefits of these insights with others.

To that end, I hope this site is helpful to you, whether you’re a parent or a student. If I can play a small part in placing you or your child on the right path for personal fulfillment and beneficial service to others, I will consider my work worthwhile.

Best wishes,

Jeremiah Pent, MDiv, CP
Creator of Student Patterns


What Others Are Saying

When Jeremiah Pent explained my wife’s pattern and my own, it was easy to see the source of so many of our challenges. Understanding our patterns is like discovering a roadmap to success. Before, I couldn’t fathom why certain people had difficulty with tasks I found easy. Now I realize that everybody has unique abilities that will let them thrive, as long as their duties line up with their patterns. It’s been amazing to watch people flourish in their given roles and enjoy lasting achievements as they contribute their talents to the church.”
Jason Brannan, Pastor

C.S. Lewis noticed that when his friend Charles Williams died, he lost not only Williams but Williams’ part of their mutual friend J.R.R. Tolkein. There was something in Tolkein that only Williams could bring out. No one of us is big enough to bring out every facet in another. It helps me enormously to appreciate you when I realize that you have a lens I need to see through. And maybe you need mine too. I am indebted to Jeremiah Pent for bothering to clarify the variety of lenses we each go through life with.”
Andrée Seu Peterson,
World Magazine Columnist

Jeremiah understands your underlying personality patterns. He will show you exactly how to process your own life experience. Think of the implications. This knowledge will change your approach to your own education. Warning: There is a side effect. Are you also trying to find your own purpose, or understand your family, or your friends? Jeremiah has personally helped me identify my own purpose. He has personally helped me understand my own family and friends. He holds the key. He can help you as well.”
Dwane Thomas,
Creator of Visual Latin

Whether you are new to the world of personality frameworks or are well-traveled down the personality paths, Jeremiah Pent will guide your journey with fresh perspectives and insight to help you understand yourself and make deeper connections with others.”
Marc Sammons,
Deployment Security Assurance Consulting, HCA

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