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College Students: Is your major a good fit for the 50 best jobs in America?


Do you know what your “X Factor” reveals about the kind of jobs you’ll love?

Glassdoor recently listed what they say are the 50 best jobs in America. The list is helpful since it was determined by the number of job openings, salary, and the job satisfaction rating. If only it were that easy to find the right career . . .

You’ve probably had the experience of going to a movie that everyone’s raving about and thinking, “Am I missing something? That was terrible.” Or maybe you’ve gone to a highly-rated restaurant and left underwhelmed.

The same can be true in the job market. Just because a job has a decent average salary and certain people find it satisfying doesn’t guarantee the same will be true for you. There’s a fourth “X factor,” and it’s the most important element in determining the type of job that will fit you best.

The X factor? Your personality type. Or, what we like to call here your “Student Pattern.” Your pattern affects all of the following: the way you like to learn, the kinds of information you naturally pay attention to, the way you process that information, and the way you prefer to turn that processed information into something valuable to others.

So what’s the best way to find your pattern or personality type? At Student Patterns, we don’t expect one personality test to peg you. It’s a starting point, but we’ve also found that many people test incorrectly. This doesn’t mean that personality theory is incorrect. Instead, the problem is self-assessment. We work to remedy this by encouraging input from those who know you best, as well as offering confirmation of your results by someone trained in personality theory.

A large percentage of people test incorrectly and get the wrong information about their personality. Make sure you get your results verified by someone trained in personality theory.

Why is all this vital to finding your ideal job? Because your job will likely end up consuming the majority of your energy, your time, and your focus. If you find a job in which you can thrive and make a good living, you’re on your way to building a great life. Too many people end up in jobs that pay well but make them miserable almost all day every day. Life’s too short for that.

If you’re a student wondering what majors or career fields will suit you best, we can help you discover them. If you’re a parent who is contemplating spending a fortune on a college education for your student, you owe it to yourself and your wallet to be part of the process. Our first step only takes about 7 minutes, but it can save you thousands of dollars caused by your child changing majors and spending longer in college than necessary.

Reference: Glassdoor’s 50 best jobs in America

Are you a student looking for your best major or career? Want to minimize the classes you need and maximize your future earnings, sense of fulfillment, and potential?

Are you a parent helping your child choose the best major or career field? Want to maximize their future success and minimize the expense of their education?

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