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Want to help your child pick their perfect major or career and save an average of $21,565¹This is the current average cost for a college semester according to on their college education? 

Most students change majors multiple times,²The average student changes majors 3 times according to the National Center for Education Statistics. creating the need for more semesters and thousands in extra expense. Why? Because they don’t know . . .

Their Student Pattern

How do you help your child discover what courses and future careers will make them happy and help them get a great job?

That’s where we can help.

While each student is totally unique, they’re also similar to other students in important ways.

There’s a “pattern” to how they process life. (Some people call this their “personality type.”) It shapes how they learn and gives them a unique kind of brilliance.

We understand those patterns and can help your child discover theirs.

A majority of people in the US aren’t happy in their jobs³52% according to a 2017 Gallup study. and aren’t making the money they could be.

Want to help your student
avoid this majority?
We can help.


Americans unhappy in their jobs

Here’s how it works:
Student takes an online assessment with your input.
We identify and describe their Student Pattern.
You confirm that our results are accurate.
Student gets their best majors & career fields list.
4-step process narrows the list to their best choice.
Their bright future begins.


The assessment only takes 10 minutes!

Here’s what they get:

Online Membership Access
Their custom Best Majors page features a traditional college majors list as well as a list of fields pursuable through trade schools or other alternatives.

Printable Decision Grid
Downloadable PDF worksheet of their Best Majors and career fields to help make the best decision

Consultation Discount
Your purchase entitles you to an instant $50 discount on a personal consultation.

4-Step Focusing Process
We’ll show you how to narrow their custom list to the perfect major or career field for them. Get confidence about where they have a natural advantage.

Guaranteed Fit
If you don’t find any major on our suggested list that fits them well, we’ll keep working with you until we find the right match.

Your Price Only


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