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Trying to find the best college major or career field for you?

It’s simple. Your best major, your social life, your future job and income, will all be strongly shaped by one thing:

Your Student Pattern

How do you discover what courses and future careers will make you happy and help you get a great job?

That’s where we can help.

While you’re totally unique, you’re also similar to other people in important ways.

There’s a “pattern” to how you process life. (Some people call this your “personality type.”) It shapes how you learn and gives you a unique kind of brilliance.

We understand those patterns and can help you discover yours.

A majority of people in the US aren’t happy in their jobs and aren’t making the money they could be.

Because they don’t understand
their pattern. 


Americans unhappy in their jobs

Don’t want to be part of that majority? Good!
Let’s start with some questions that will help us uncover your Student Pattern.

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